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Empowering SACCOS

NikoDigi Limited is a young and enterprising company that was set up with the aim of bringing transparency and efficiency to SACCOS and Microfinance Institutions by eliminate the myth surrounding them. We wanted to revolutionize the above mentioned by offering them a, stable, efficient, micro and convenient core-banking system that can keep a proper credit history and most importantly use this platform as a catalyst for improving customer service and engagement to their members. On this journey we have seen how the system has given solutions that were a major problem in the industry and we continue to grant affordable support as our client base grows.


Only from the root of the problem can a permanent solution be FOUND.


Nikodigi believes this to be true and for four years we have been consistently swimming in the dangerous waters of Sacco challenges and short comings. However through constant consultation, brainstorming, problem solving and top of the line technology, we found THE SOLUTION.

NIKODIGI Automated Sacco Management System

Make your work easier, using state of the art Technology that will get your Sacco to a new level of efficiency and convenience.

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BODACARE Solutions

Try our financial and technological solutions for getting all boda riders the necessary tools of trade and attaining financial inclusion.

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FIKISHA Deliveries

Get connected to a boda boda rider anywhere in western, central and coastal Kenya regions.

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