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Insurance is an agreement by which an individual or an entity protects him/herself from financial loss. It is a form of risk management with the primary aim of protection from uncertain loss


There two types of vehicle insurance Private and Public Service Vehicle. Under these two, you choose either Comprehensive or Third party.



This insurance covers the vehicle against theft, accident and fire due to mechanical malfunction. It does not however cover the rider/driver.


Third party

This insurance covers the passengers, the vehicle you had an accident with, the vehicles’ passengers and any pedestrian injured due to the accident. It does not cover the rider/driver.


Private Insurance

This insurance is for private vehicles, which do not carry fare paying passengers. Like company vehicles, rentals and personal vehicles.

    • Private Motor bike Insurance


  • Private vehicle insurance
    • Private Car Insurance COMP 4% value of car and 10% of that amount service fee (includes help with claiming process)
    • Private Car TPO 1yr 6500/=
  • Public Service Vehicle Insurance (Motorbike)
    • This is insurance for public service vehicles which carry fare paying passengers. Like taxis, boda’s and matatu.
  • P.A (Personal Accident)
    • This insurance covers the individual/rider/driver in the event of an accident on the road, at home and or anywhere in the country.
      • Annual premium: this is the amount paid per year
      • Medical: this is the maximum amount reimbursable for treatment cost incurred
      • Hospital Cash: this is the benefit allocated to an individual after being hospitalized for a week and is not discharged
      • PTD (Permanent total disability): this is the benefit allocated to an individual who due to the accident became disabled





  • Monitor vehicle location on net or on phone
  • Speed and Distance display: Always be informed by having all vehicle static facts at the tip of your fingers
  • Geo fencing: Specify you chosen area of vehicle operation using the geo fencing tech that notifies you whenever your vehicle leaves the allocated region.
  • Sms notifications: In case of device being tempered with or your vehicle going beyond your set desired Geographic area an automatic message is sent to your mobile phone
  • Let your Phone be your Remote Control: Switch off your vehicle in the event it is lost or stolen and track it down to its location.
  • Get it on Loan: Get this quality waterproof Gadget installed on loan (terms and conditions applied)

Driving Licence


Are you a rider with a DL for 4 wheel vehicles and in need of a motor bike DL call or visit our office to pay in instalments and get that valid Driving licence that reflects in the NTSA system. Don’t let a little mistake get you on the wrong side of the law.


  • Replacement
    • In the event your Dl is lost, disfigure or burnt one can acquire a new one for 1250.
    • You will need; a police abstract, e citizen account, ID and the remaining defaced Driving licence if available
  • Renewal
    • Once your driving licence is expired you can easily get a renewal from the Bodacare services
    • There are two options here: renew for 1 year or renew for 3 years