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Nikodigi Automated System

Automated System





  • Real Time Recording.
    • Every single transaction done by member, field agent or the office administrator is recorded on the backend immediately. Henceforth to be accessed at your leisure
  • Enjoy connectivity everywhere.
    • Being Cloud hosted you will enjoy access anywhere with an internet connection.
    • Connected to Mpesa
  • Give your members the transparency, accountability and efficiency they deserve.
    • Self-service customer care is the easiest way to tend to many customer needs access to their personal account information sates most inquires. Let them enjoy the convenience of accessing Sacco services on phone.
  • Send Customized Text messages to your staff, members, colleagues and non-members.
    • Communicating to your members shouldn’t be a hustle, experience an easy to use messaging platform that is flexible and customizable (sender Id)
  • Receive Instant Emergency loans on YOUR Phone
    • The current non digital Sacco set up cant implement INSTANT EMERGENCY Loans but on the Nikodigi automated system this is no longer farfetched. Moreover it is Smart phone and Kabambe compatible
  • Guarantee members on your phone
    • Being a guarantor just got easier and is now possible from the convenience of your kabambe’s and smart phones.
  • Financial Reports
    • Tired of compiling, comparing then documenting your financial reports, Let our automated system save you the time and the effort.
  • Record Keeping
    • Comprehensive records of every activity done by all system user categories
  • Off Site Data storage
    • Added advantage of having a cloud hosted system is that all the data is backed up away from the business premises hence enhancing your data safety and security
  • Secure
    • The safety of your data is our Alfa priority and Nikodigi takes all measures to enforce it. A Https certificate is just one of the measures we take to safe guard your data.
  • Mobile Sacco product purchase
    • Promote trade amongst Sacco members and between the Sacco and its members. Our system allows the backend admin to update new products and members can view them and even purchase via Mpesa through their USSD access portal.
  • Remote on –ground member registration
    • Watch your Sacco membership grow when your members have the technology to register new members into the Sacco using the respective new members’ phone. Moreover the managements still reserves the right of admission as a system administrator must approve this new member before he/she can start receive their temporary pin for ussd login.



  • Save time with a fast and easy transaction process
    • This gadgets does transactions in minimal time hence convenient for handling many transactions at a single given time.
  • Real time recording
    • Every transaction done by the agent using this device will be immediately recorded in the backend.
  • On spot receipts
    • Every transaction can provide a receipt with unique transaction Id. (create transaction id link)
  • Transaction SmS
    • Have a solution for your long distance members using specialized automatic transaction Messages sent directly to the client
  • Secure
    • Our POS uses a private information network hence optimizing security of your members’ private information



  • Member Trainings
    • Upon registration Nikodigi will train your existing members till they are proficient to use their Ussd member access on their own.
  • Staff Trainings
    • Once the system is installed and updated. The relevant staff will be educated on how to handle client service and accounts on the platform
  • Officials Trainings
    • All officials will be adequately educated on all relevant system administration

Sender ID


  • Customized Text Sender Identity
    • Strengthen your brand identity and client confidence by purchasing your organisation SMS sender id, which enables you to send messages that have your organisation name
  • Quick Integration
    • Get it fast and quick with 7 working days integration speed.